Right Use of Power Ethics Training

Right Use of Power (RUOP) is a relational method of examining ethical dilemmas and building ethical practice. Developed by Cedar Barstow, M.Ed., C.H.T., this experiential training is suitable for psychotherapists, body workers, nonprofit organizations, churches, governmental bodies and businesses, in fact, for anyone who works in a context in which there is a power difference between the provider and recipient.

Very briefly, RUOP begins where many ethical trainings leave off – with the rules and guidelines covering the relevant discipline. With knowledge of these parameters, we then proceed to examine our awareness or blind spots in regard to our own vulnerabilities and how we might unintentionally offend or hurt our clients. Given that such breaches in relationship are inevitable, we look at how best to repair the harm done, and how that can actually strengthen the relationship and empower both client and practitioner.

RUOP principles apply at every level of our lives…from our intimate relationships to political systems and worldwide concerns. Studying RUOP is inspiring, consciousness-raising and empowering. Rather than basing ethical practice on fear and self-protection, RUOP points out how ethics can be the heart of what we do, turning “errors” into opportunities for enhanced growth and connection.

I have been trained as a trainer by Cedar Barstow, and am authorized to teach RUOP. The training has been certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors as approved ethics training for mental health professionals, and I am thus able to provide mental health ethics credits for the training offered to licensed masters-level psychotherapists in Washington State. Many other state licensing regulations will also accept RUOP for ethics credits. I am glad to assist in obtaining approval from other bodies for trainees who must have ethics training as part of their licensure process.

You can get more information about my RUOP trainings by contacting me at susan@spiraltrek.net. More information about RUOP generally is available at www.rightuseofpower.com.

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