Internal Family Systemssm, A Constraint-Removal Model of Therapy

The primary therapy modality I use with my clients is called Internal Family SystemsSM, or IFS for short.

This model, invented by Richard Schwartz, PhD, looks at our behavioral and emotional patterns as the actions of “parts” of ourselves which make up an internal “family.” As we come to know and understand our parts, they come to trust us and we can then help them heal. . . . | continued |


EMDR is a treatment which was developed originally to deal with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Since 1987, when it was invented, researchers have validated its effectiveness in treating PTSD, and practitioners have extended its use to many other problems which clients bring to therapy. Some of these are anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, addictions, performance anxiety and complicated grief. | continued |

Other Influences and Tools

I sometimes use the Enneagram with clients who find it interesting. (See the link on the resources page.) I also find that spirituality can be an important component of therapy. While I do not endorse or teach any particular dogma, I am very supportive of whatever practices my clients use, and encourage connection to some spiritual approach as a resource for self-connection.

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